About us

Hello gorgeous!

We've all heard the saying "beauty is skin deep." However, how your skin looks and appears on the outside can affect your perception of your appearance. If your skin is glowing, you tend to feel much more confident. That's because glowing skin shows that you are taking an intentional approach to taking care of your skin. When you're aging or your complexion looks below average, this can have a detrimental effect on a person's self-esteem.

That's why I am excited to share Skin Life skincare system! By creating a consistent skin care regime with the great products, you can improve both your skin and confidence at the same time.

My Story

I’m Stacey J. Gholar, the CEO of Skin Life and I provide high-quality skincare products for all skin types. I’m a native of Chicago, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. I have always been an advocate of having great skin which I attribute to the genes of my parents and watching my mother and aunt take care of their skin. ​

It wasn’t until the middle of my 40’s, I started to experience adult eczema. That’s when I met Charlotte Wilson, CEO and Founder of Glow Skin Enhancement. Charlotte’s customized approach to my skin problem not only cleared up the eczema but left my skin smooth and soft. After that I was hooked and have been a faithful user ever since. ​

Like Charlotte, I believe the road to healthy skin shouldn’t be a complex process. Your skin care products should promote skin renewal and restoration all while enhancing the tone of the skin, leaving you with a youthful appearance. In December of 2021, as I was approaching my 50th trip around the sun, I decided it was time to help others with their “Skin Life” by creating a skincare line that specializes in restoring and maintaining the skin to help defy both age and time. It’s important to understand that great skin takes time, intention, and good faithful skincare regimen. Skin Life is on a mission to change the lives of mature adults and teach them how to maintain youthful skin.